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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted in Electricians, Gas Industry with tags , , , , , on November 24, 2010 by Kirstin Harris

From everyone at R&J Technical Services we would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We are very thankful here at R&J for the good year we have had, and hope that you have had a year to be thankful for as well. Stay safe and eat lots!


R & J is taking over!

Posted in Boiler Skid Fabrication, Oil Drilling with tags , , , on November 22, 2010 by Kirstin Harris

At R&J we now have 24 techs now in North Dakota. More permits are being approved for drilling in, and North Dakota is booming, one of the top 5 places in North America for drilling production.

In Pennsylvania we have begun fabricationg boiler skids, this allows us to be more of a fabrication type business as well as a electrical service business. Our power skid orders have increased in North Dakota and we are able to fabricate and custom build them in Layton, UT. 

Word of mouth is spreading about our skids and we are able to reach out to customers outside of the oilfield.

If you are interested in R&J’s services, either fabrication or rig services check us out at

Rig Job Boom in North Dakota

Posted in Electricians with tags , , , , on November 16, 2010 by Kirstin Harris

The number of oil rigs in North Dakota’s oil patch has practically doubled since the summer months, and as an added bonus, so have the jobs. The increase in number of rigs is attributed in part to the BP oil spill which has companies drilling on land instead of off shore. Another reason for the jump could be the strong crude oil prices of late, along with the weak prices of natural gas.

Each new rig that comes onto the scene brings 40 direct jobs, and 80 indirect jobs, this is great news for those who feel like unemployment is the theme of this year. North Dakota has been going strong, currently there are 4810 active wells as of spring of this year, producing approximately 284,345 barrels of crude oil each day. Making North Dakota the 4th largest oil producer in North America.

If you are an oil rig electrician this can be a great opportunity for you, rigs can’t survive without a good electrician to keep the rig running. If you are looking for work as an oil rig electrician check us out at